Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the shrine gate/torii gate corkboard?!

  • This item is a limited open order offering during the conventions that I table at only. These take a lot of time to make because the design is complex, they use a lot of machine and manual labor hours. To manage my workload better, I'm unable to have these up full time. But rest assured, they will be back during every convention, both virtual and in-person - you will have many opportunities to get one! You can view what conventions I will be at on my landing page here

What are the differences between mount type?

  • Picture hanging strips are like a strong Velcro-like material. One side adheres to the board and the other side adheres to the wall to hold the frame up. Please carefully follow the instructions provided to properly mount your board.
    *Personally, I used this in my apartment because I can't nail into the wall. I still use it in my home because it's convenient*
  • Sawtooth hangers are permanent fixtures available for standard size boards. Requires a single nail in the wall. Nail is not provided with board purchase.
  • Keyhole hangers are permanent fixtures available for large size boards. Requires two nails and proper measurement for the board to be "straight" on the wall. Nails are not provided with board purchase.

When will my order be shipped?

  • Our ship day is designated to one day per week - on Saturday unless otherwise noted. The header banner will have shipping announcements. Usually shipping notices are posted on @shoppixieexpress IG stories..
  • Please allow all items to be shipped between 1-3 weeks unless there are additional production delays.
  • I try to send them as soon as I am able to.

I placed multiple orders, can my orders be combined?

  • Due to the volume of orders I receive and in order for me to fulfill orders more efficiently, I'm unable to combine orders.

Do you have (product) in this color?

  • Most items have a set number of colors, however, I can accommodate certain color requests. Please reach out to me via email or DM and I can see what I can do for you!

Why does this item cost x while this item costs y?

  • Price of an item is dependent on how and what machine they're made on and also difficulty of execution. The items made on a larger machine are priced higher than machines that use a smaller machine. Please also note that all of these corkboards are homemade and are assembled by myself.

Are you taking custom orders?

  • Please see the "custom orders tab" - my custom status will be listed at the top of the page. Deposit required. Price includes hourly charge for rendering and production, price of material, and cork cutting fee. Shipping is not included in quote but is calculated by the USPS shipping calculator and is added to your cart total during check out.

Do you ship to the UK?

  • Yes! We have resumed shipping to the UK. However, we are not collecting VAT so you will have to pay the fees on arrival to your country.

Do you do refunds or exchanges?

  • Due to the nature of the products that I sell, I'm unable to accept returns unless the items are in the condition that they are received (unpunctured and wrapped) with original packaging.
  • Your order will be refunded when I receive the return and inspect for damages. If cleared, you will be refunded (minus the cost of the shipping labels)
  • If your order hasn't shipped and you would like to cancel, please send me an email. Cancellations are subject to a 5% restocking fee.

Are you interested in trading?

  • At the moment, I am not taking any trades. If there are any questions, please DM @shoppixieexpress on IG.